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HomeShare™ Virtual Showings present properties in a way that many people are already familiar with, TV like presentation. The HomeShare™ Virtual Showings mimic walking through the home, allowing the viewer to either rule in or rule out the property.  For the buyer, this saves time, gas, and inconvenience while shopping for a home. Agents can capitalize on these trends by using HomeShare™ Virtual Showings for their entire inventory.

Buyers have indicated times are changing. It is becoming a buyers’ market. Buyers have no time to spend visiting property they have not previewed online. They face the $100 fill up at the gasoline station. They prefer viewing those properties online that have high quality presentations. Their impression of the agent is influenced by how that agent has chosen to present property online. If you, as the listing agent, can attract a buyer directly, you stand to gain revenue. Everybody wins.


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