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As the Broker/owner of a real estate firm, you spend enormous time and money building your local brand and empowering your agents to generate sales in an increasingly competitive environment. Against a backdrop of rising fuel prices and scarce buyers, how can HomeShare™ Virtual Showings help you to gain a competitive advantage? The keys are consistent quality of presentation across all of your inventory with real time availability of pertinent information.

Consistent Quality of presentation

Consistent quality from HomeShare™ Virtual Showings.  All property inventory is displayed online the same way, with TV style realism. Avoid agents choosing their own or no virtual showing at all, by making HomeShare™ Virtual Showings a part of the standard listing guidelines. Many offices have reduced costs by eliminating ineffective print ads and focused on Internet marketing with HomeShare™ Virtual Showings as a centerpiece.

Real time availability of pertinent information

Up to the minute information for all properties using HomeShare™ Virtual Showings is just a click away. Your office administrator can see virtual showing activity at a glance, edit the start pages with new information, and freshen the email messages that HomeShare™ Virtual Showings send to interested shoppers.

Obtaining the property pictures and movie files has never been easier with TourAlbum. Unlimited download of property pictures and movie files. Play the movies in the office or at open house. Burn DVDs of your Office inventory to hand to visitors for viewing at home. You will be amazed at the possibilities. All is included in your agents’ HomeShare™ Virtual Showings. All good reasons to use HomeShare™ Virtual Showings throughout the Office.

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