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HomeShare™ Virtual Showings present your properties in a way that many people are already familiar with, TV like presentation. The HomeShare™ Virtual Showings mimic walking through the home, allowing the viewer to either rule in or rule out the property. This helps you spend your limited time and money with prospects that have already become interested in the property. Compared to print ads, mailings, and brochures, HomeShare™ Virtual Showings are a lot less expensive and can generate leads for you that have already selected themselves as being interested in the property.

When it all Starts

Your HomeShare™ Virtual Showing allows you can change the way the presentation looks, and the way it gathers leads for you. The main parts and purposes are:

If the Sign in is disabled, or the ticket is entered and valid, then the HomeShare™ Virtual Showing changes to this:

Leads are sent to your email and cell phone as they happen. In this way, you can market in the moment without over stressing. Remember that the Internet has changed peoples’ expectations on response time to a query. They get cold fast. Your SMS message to your cell allows you to respond while on the go. The email alerts coming from HomeShare™ Virtual Showings include the home identification and the sign in email address. This makes it easy to auto reply and organize your leads on your PC.

At the Finish

After the video plays, the end page is presented like this:

Notifications you will receive

HomeShare™ Virtual Showings deliver emails to you as the visitor views the HomeShare™ Virtual Showings. It is also stored in your TourCentral account. If you have the SMS feature turned on, you will also receive small text versions of these emails so that you can call the visitor while on the go.

The events and email format go like this:

A sign in by a visitor:

The visitor received their ticket in an email like this:

The visitor used the ticket:

MLS Distribution

HomeShare™ Virtual Showings include an MLS distribution that meets MLS branding and identification requirements. MLS distributions are available to agents via access controlled streams and searches, so that is the mechanism for leads generation within MLS. The MLS HomeShare™ Virtual Showings presents like this:

When to use Sign in

Note that disabling the sign in will allow anonymous viewing of the home in high quality. Many homeowners still occupy the home, may have small children living there, and are very sensitive about strangers on the Internet snooping their home. And you won’t get leads, just exposure. Make this decision carefully.

In the time period between first listing on MLS and first open house, the property is fresh to the market. Many people use daily email updates to learn about these new listings, so this is prime time for leads. Be sure to get your HomeShare™ Virtual Showing and MLS listing online in the same day and early in the week to maximize your benefits from daily updates while the property is fresh. Be sure to have sign in enabled.

After a few weeks, if the property has not sold, you may want to disable sign in, with the owner’s support, and try to drive general exposure. But you know you have a problem and the property is no longer fresh. Use the ratings and the level of hits to gather information in any presentation to your homeowner about changing strategy. If you have no leads on this one, but others are doing well, possibly there is a price problem, lack of curb appeal, or other problem where you, as a licensed professional, can propose a course of action. You can easily edit your HomeShare™ Virtual Showing to reflect changes and in seconds be online with the new information.

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