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Help Desk :: Using HomeShare™ TourCentral™

Frequently Asked Questions | Using HomeShare TourCentral | Using HomeShare Virtual Showings


Logging in

When your order is completed, you receive an email with your TourCentral™ username and password. Login at http://www.homesharetours.com/TourCentral.

Your HomeShare™ account is displayed along with all of your properties that have HomeShare™ Virtual Showings. From here you can access all of your features.

Home Page

After logging into TourCentral™ your account’s home page is displayed. This is the starting point for editing, controlling and gathering leads from all of your HomeShare™ Virtual Showings. The content areas are:

My Profile

From the home page navigation area, click on My Profile

In My Profile you can edit your contact information and upload new versions of your photo and office logo. The functions are:

Important: Click Change My Profile (red circle) to save the changes.

My Tours

From the home page navigation area, click on My Tours. This will show all of your tours. You can reach an individual tour using the shortcuts in the left side panel.

From here you can edit, download, test view, monitor hits, and share. TourInfo contains the links and buttons for connecting to your own websites.

To edit, click “Edit” or use the left panel shortcut. Edit using the drop panels.

In the drop panels you can edit the details, freshen the description, and control sign in.

Important: Click “Apply Changes” to save your edits. Then Test to be sure you like the result.


From the home page navigation area, click on TourLeads

Your leads are displayed here. HomeShare™  uses the “ticket” concept to validate leads. Each ticket issued by the system is shown here. Some people will attempt to fake the email, and so some of these tickets won’t ever generate a “ticket used” hit. You can delete these unused tickets periodically as they are bogus leads. Use the tour hits and the TourLeads along with the notifications you receive by email and SMS to maximize your benefits of the HomeShare™ system.

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