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True Life
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The Plateau

A very seasoned real estate agent was experiencing a plateau. Her business had grown steadily for a few years but now was flat. She needed to find a way to boost business, but how? She had heard a lot about how the Internet was changing real estate, but lacked the technical expertise to do Internet marketing on her own.

She saw a colleague using HomeShare Tours and thought she would try it. She had a listing that was a restored antique, beautiful but finding a buyer was not easy. She tried HomeShare Tours and began getting responses from near and far, even Europe. Wow, she thought. Nothing else gave her this kind of reaction before. And soon an offer was accepted.

After a few more listings with HomeShare Tours, she made the following observations:

  1. The home owners were very impressed with the way she used Internet marketing for them. They appreciated that they could not have done this by themselves.

  2. The high quality of the HomeShare Tour presentation was obvious to them, further solidifying their confidence in the agent.

  3. The agent used the SMS response feature of Tour Central to receive leads on her cell phone. She responded rapidly and obtained a new listing this way because the person shopping online had to sell a home too, commenting “This tour is great, I got such a fast response from you, I want you to sell my home this way too.”

  4. The automatic linking of HomeShare Tours gave her flawless Internet exposure without her needing to be involved in the technical details.

The agent is using HomeShare Tours on all her listings now. She knows that the power of HomeShare Tours lies in it’s presentation and TourCentral platform with it’s measurement functions. The tour is only the carrot to attract buyers. She now knows that buying a HomeShare Tour is not related to whether she wants to spend money marketing the property based upon it being “high end” or “low end”. Using HomeShare Tours is a process that when used consistently attracts listings, buyers, other agents that all add to sales results. She is on track to surpass last year’s sales. She even has a chance at “top producer”.

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