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True Life
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A real estate agent with 9 months experience had yet to get a listing of his own. It seemed the competing agents had established business relations, sold many homes in the town, and got the homeowners attention much better than he. After studying the changes happening in real estate due to the rapid adoption of the Internet, he learned about HomeShare Tours. Here was a way to differentiate himself from other agents, market in a big way but at a small expense, and present the property where he thought the buyers were likely to be shopping, the Internet.

He won his first listing and put his HomeShare Tour into operation. Soon the feedback he got told him there was a problem with the property. The price was likely too high. Armed with facts and results from the TourCentral system, he could help the owner understand and adapt, changing strategy to bring the seller and the buyers together.

In the end, the property sold and the agent got “both sides of the deal” meaning there was no commission split. The buyer was obtained via the Internet after seeing the HomeShare Tour and contacted the listing agent directly through the tour.

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